About us


We combine our knowledge of European and Indian cuisines with a large pinch of Bengal to whip up a changing daily menu. We make beautiful vegetarian and vegan food with fresh natural ingredients and minimum waste. Our aim is to make food that is better for people, their health and the environment.

Our vegetarian and vegan lunches are an inspiring blend of mini-dishes (thali) in one platter. The flavours of these dishes complement and highlight each other in a comforting, filling and delicious meal.



San Mahanta started Thenga Cafe in 2015 after his travels in India inspired him to eat and view food differently. Instead of regularly eating at a desk, he believes it’s important for people to relax and socialise over a healthy lunch. It’s no mistake that the cafe is in YMCA’s London yoga and pilates centre, as San believes that good food and community helps people to live healthier lives.

Our head chef is the very talented Nippa. Strongly influenced by her Bengali culinary heritage, her food also includes subtle Mediterranean elements from 17 years living and working in Italy.


If you love our food and want to talk about pop-ups, parties or group bookings, get in touch.